Garlic Bread – 8

Fresh French sticks smothered with garlic butter and baked golden brown.

With cheese – 12

With cheese and bacon – 14

Bruschetta – 13.5

Sweet Basil marinated tomatoes, green onion, and Parmesan cheese baked on Focaccia bread.

Half order – 9

With Mozzarella cheese – 4

With Feta cheese – 4

Shrimp Cocktail Р12.5

Five chilled tiger shrimps served with our zesty cocktail sauce and lemon.

Seared Fresh Scallop Martini – 19.5

Fresh seared scallops deglazed with vodka and finished in a Vermouth and Dijon cream.

Escargot – 15

Six jumbo Escargot broiled in garlic butter, then smothered in Mozzarella cheese and baked golden brown. Served with garlic toast for “mopping”.

Cajun Shrimp – 15

Panko breaded tiger shrimps, Cajun dusted and served with house made chipotle cocktail sauce.

Calamari – 16.5

Tender rings or squid tempura battered and served with tzatziki sauce.

Sweet Thai Chili “Bam-Bam” Shrimp – 15

Crispy, crunchy corn flour battered shrimp tossed in our sweet chili Thai sauce (gluten free).

Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Dip – 18.5

Spinach, artichoke hearts, and a three cheese blend baked up piping hot. Served with tortilla chips and homemade kettle chips for dipping.

Cheesy Bacon Potato Scoops – 16

Crispy wedges of potato skins cut “scoop style” and smothered with bacon, cheese, and green onion. Served with sour cream for “scooping”.